Our Mission

SORA’s purpose is to protect public health and the environment by leading the onsite wastewater regulatory industry.  SORA will accomplish this by:

  • Facilitation of an ongoing national dialogue between onsite regulators and among regulators and the onsite industry
  • Working with state and local regulators to incorporate use of proven technologies into their current regulations
  • Integration of science-based research and information into regulatory programs, i.e.,regulation development, policies and/or practices

What we do

SORA achieves it’s mission by maintaining a communication structure that has enabled it to provide these services for the past 15 years:

  • An organizational website
  • Technical Resources
  • Listservs for members to discuss current issues and develop positions to engage with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and others
  • Participation in the EPA MOU Partnership for Decentralized Wastewater
  • Representation through NESC on EPA’s Source Water Collaborative, EPA’s Water Security Partners, and the USDA through the National Drinking Water Clearinghouse