For SORA Members

Message from the President:

Greetings fellow Regulators! I wanted to thank everyone for your support in my recent transition from SORA Board member to President starting at the NOWRA Mega-Conference in Dover, Delaware. There are several people I want to thank for their support and work for SORA;

  • Thank you Past President Chuck Cousino for your great leadership as SORA President; I’ll be looking for your advice and wisdom over the next year;
  • Thanks to Ann D’Alfonso (KS) for your leadership in creating our new website and preparing us for our new membership roll-out. Ann has taken another role in Kansas government and will be transitioning out of SORA. Best wishes, Ann, in your new position, you will be missed! And;
  • More folks to thank, our new Executive Committee; Matt Pace (OK) for accepting the President-Elect position; Jeremy Simmons (WA), Secretary and keeper of the membership lists; and Amanda Clark (CT), Treasurer. I feel honored to have such a great Executive team; and lastly;
  • The companies who make up our Captains of Industry (COI) membership. Many of these companies have been with SORA from the beginning, and we so appreciate your support and relationships with SORA members.

Associations only succeed when people participate, and we are moving into a critical phase for our great association. Starting January 2018, we will be holding our first-ever membership drive for our regulatory members. We also expanded who can become members and what services they will be entitled to. Once we finalize some paperwork, registration will go “live” on our website and we will be able to begin the process for accepting members through our new “fee-based” program. The membership submittal period will be January 1, 2018 through March 31, 2018. Some of the benefits of joining include:

  • SORA List-serve – Questions and information can be posted related to policies, regulation, product approvals, etc. This listserv allows us to provide regulation support, share scientific studies, distribute information such as posting interesting webinars, and allowing members to build relationships with their fellow regulators.
  • SORA website ( ) – We have a new website! We are still building on the content on the webpages, but the foundation is there! We hope to make this a go-to place for links and references to interesting information including news stories from members.
  • EPA MOU Partner ( ) – SORA has been a member of this partnership from the beginning in the early 2000’s. I attended a 2 day signing ceremony and meeting to re-affirm our commitment to the group and develop strategic objectives, activities, and timelines for supporting decentralized wastewater. SORA will play a key role in these efforts including promoting SepticSmart week.


SORA State Programs by Region

Committee Activities:

Data-Sharing committee.  Following the development of the Chesapeake Bay agreement, the EPA wanted to look into a national data sharing effort.  They developed a National Data Sharing Workgroup (SORA has representation in this workgroup).  SORA developed the data-sharing committee to aid in this effort and the National Workgroup representative is the Chair of the SORA committee.  The committee conducted a national assessment of Nitrogen reducing technologies to gain a better understanding of what states follow what standards as they pertain to nitrogen reducing technologies and if there would be interest in data sharing.  They received initial responses from all 50 states but are now surveying states that have more than one permitting agency to gain full knowledge of the national viewpoints. The committee Chair is also working with the New England/Long Island Advanced Onsite Data Sharing Workgroup.

Strategic Planning Committee:  The Strategic Planning Committee completed the organizations Strategic Plan last year.  This was a 5 year plan developed to provide the organization with what the committee believed to the future direction of the organization.  Currently the committee is working on an association operation manual.

Conference Planning Committee:  This committee is in charge of working with partners on venue, educational sessions, field trips, and compiling the agenda for the SORA sessions.

Past Works:
SORA Sustainability White Paper
SORA Funding White Paper
Onsite Wastewater Nutrient Regulation Survey Report

COI membership:
The COI affiliate membership dues are $1000 annually; January 1 to December 31.

If you would like to become a member of SORA and request an invoice, please contact Amanda Clark at or 860-509-7368. If no invoice is required, please mail a check or money order and business card to:


State Onsite Regulators Association

2842 Main St. Suite 103

Glastonbury, CT 06033